Pausing for a moment of “Stacia identification”…

I’m a zealous ideator and notable networker among my entrepreneurial friends/colleagues, an independent beauty consultant/Senior Sales Director, passionate mom, and a believer of God’s unfailing love… and perfect (and intricate) design for your life.

I have been vacillating on hosting a blog for quite some time, and thanks to the encouragement of a select group of friends (and strangers), I’m taking the plunge!  My days are a crazy and unbalanced, yet perfectly blended mix of parenting (a.k.a. messy mommy moments), networking, client appointments, and friends.  My motto is, “there is always room in the day to accomplish just one more thing”, though that daily maxim does not affirm I will do so successfully or without a tale to tell.  Always, though, can time be squeezed in to connect with a friend.  I know that I “get by with a little help from (said) friends.”  I’m also lucky enough to have the support of my Marine-bred and disciplined, brilliant like a scientist (but never a mad one), loyal like a Golden Retriever husband, Kevin.

I am having a blast growing my business and being a mom, despite the crazy challenges of juggling work and motherhood!  I can recall the “pink buzz” that reverberated through me when I saw an ad featuring the lower half of a skirted woman in a fabulous pair of high heels, bent over kissing the little mop top of her toddler, arms wrapped the mama’s legs.  I loved that picture because I knew it would be my intent to pursue the best of both worlds, someday becoming a mom, a role which I was already passionate about years before ever landing the role.  I knew I wanted to be “business-me” and “mom-me”; to have my cake and eat it too! I work to stay grounded in faith found in scripture, and look to the source of my strength to be Jesus, my savior and best friend.

And so by day (and sometimes by night) I may be found in my office processing orders or working/training by phone/Skype/coffee shop(!), offering a tune-up on makeup or skin care to new or existing client(s), or enjoying the privileged opportunity to speak on the topic of image, self-care (vs. self-indulgence) and/or faith.

And by night (and a lot of my day) I am connecting with mom friends, networking with business colleagues, and YouTubing new rainbow loom instructions or playing dress-up with my 2 sweet P’s, Peyton and Paisley.  

“Look to your other social media outlets and merge your existing bio’s,” was the route my friend Michelle suggested when I began my blog.  So when I gathered all existing “about me” profiles, I recognized exactly why I needed the outlet of blogging.  There is so much parenting fodder and the multitude of every day antics that are so me in this season of life that aren’t going to find their place on the LinkedIn profiles, et al.  While it is highly possible I am the only one that may find them worthy of written entertainment, I may just bring a long a follower or two who understands. Thank you for finding me!

Stacia Christenson
XOXO – Stacia



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